Bible Study with Joe Carter

Message Group with Bryan Sanford

Message Group with Sam and Rachel Crabtree

Message Group with Bucky Buckmiller

Paul and Patti Gifford Group

Christian Foundations of America DVD Study with Tom and Connie Goodwin

Men’s Bible Study with John Chivington

Bible Study and potluck with Tom Bailey/Gene and Jody Berg

Covenant Group with Karen Van Riper

Message Group with Ivan Matthews.

Where: 245 S. Raynolds Ave, Canon City When: Tuesdays @ 7.

Message Group with Allen Bachoroski

Message Group with Ben and Kristin Hinrichs

Ladies’ Bible Study with Susan Rush

Message Group with Sam and Rachel Crabtree

BIAY Group with Josh and Angela Wichita

Women Coffee & Jesus with Jody Berg

Men’s Bible Discussion Group with Dick Shea

Brushes and Bible with Karen Girard-Trudeau

’The Sacred Slow’ Women’s Book Study
-Ann Kowalczyk
-Sharyn Morgan
-Stori Thompson
-Stacy Valdez
-Elaine Zello