Luke and Crystal Canady are the lead pastors of the Vineyard. Luke grew up in Canon City and started attending Vineyard Canon City as a teen. Luke is a pastor’s kid, but at age 17, he graduated high school and spent a couple of years being “a wild and crazy guy”. When he was 20, he rededicated his life to Christ and began pursuing the call God had placed on him. He moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to serve on staff at Steamboat Christian Center.

Crystal, meanwhile, was born in Hastings, Nebraska. She grew up in hard circumstances and spent most of her formative years partying and being a “wild and crazy girl”. She moved to Steamboat Springs when she was 20 with her best friends and never looked back. At age 23, she had a radical meeting with Jesus where he healed her and made her brand new! She began attending Steamboat Christian Center where she and Luke met. 9 months later they were married.

In 2010, they were offered an internship at VCC and moved to Canon City where they have been on staff ever since. Luke has served in virtually every staff role at the church including outreach director, worship assistant, youth pastor, and creative arts director. In July 2016, at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and with the encouragement and confirmation of the church overseers, as well as the outgoing lead pastor, Luke and Crystal accepted the role of Lead Pastor at the Vineyard.

The Canadys are known most for their authenticity and transparency in both their personal relationships and their leadership of the church. They believe that the most powerful words you can say are “Yes, Jesus.” And they believe that obedience and surrender to God’s plan for a life are the only way a person can find true meaning and happiness. They enjoy spending their off time with their three kids Leland, Arlo, and Raya, on their one-acre “mini-farm” or exploring the beauty of the Arkansas Valley.